08 June 2014

Shadows Of Steel - Twilight (1998) [Japan Edition]


Artist : Shadows Of Steel
Country : Italy
Release : Twilight (Japan Edition)
Year : 1998
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


The band was born in Genoa in October 1996 and in December of this year came the first demo-tape with four songs: the first versions of "Kingdom", "Out Of The Darkness", "The Island" and "Storied Windows". This demo-tape got a contract with "Underground Symphony".
The first SHADOWS OF STEEL line-up was: Wild Steel (vocals), Andrew Mc Pauls (keyboards), Steve Vawamas (bass), Andre la Fisic (guitar) and Gianca (drums). With help of Frank Andiver and other LABYRINTH's members, SHADOWS OF STEEL recorded their debut album at Zenith recordings in Lucca; it saw the light in November 1997.
In March 1998, the band have started a new work: a double MCD "Twilight". It contains three new songs, a remake of "Fly Away" from latest record and some covers of '80's American Metal bands.

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