22 June 2014

Valentin The Mad - Solo Project (2013-2014) [Streaming Audio]

Band : Valentin The Mad
Country : Israel
Release : Solo Project
Year : 2013-2014
Genre : Shred, Heavy, Progressive, Thrash Metal
File Info : Streaming Audio
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Author Notes : Info is send to me via E-mail :

Hey Riddle of Steel,
Im Valentin (stage name Valentin The Mad) - a lead guitarist-solo artist and I recently released a new track for my solo project. Its called Devil`s Courtyard, its a heavy-thrash metal instrumental track. Devil`s Courtyard features the return of "cat cam" - something I first introduced in my video for Sandstorm (a solo project track too) and was quite liked by the audience.

About me:
Im a lead guitarist - solo artist from Haifa, Israel. I got my stage name from a friend - we went to an open mic night and he signed us up as "Valentin The Mad" - a name he gave me for my playing style. The next day I thought about that name and figured - why not, its much catchier than "Belokonenko" (my last name). The playing style is melodic with guitar shredding. Basically one of my goals is to write catchy melodies that people will humm along, and "spice it" with shredding. I started working "full time" on my solo project at December 2013 after years of looking for a band in my area to join. Figured that if I want something to be done I have to do it myself. About my solo project: Im currently working on my solo project, in which I write and record all of the parts, rhythms, leads and solos (except for the drums, that are programmed). I defy the project as "guitar centered music" - the instrumentals are centered around the guitar and the guitar solo. The music itself ranges from soft rock through prog to heavy-thrash metal.

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