16 August 2014

Bewitched - Pentagram Prayer (1997)

Artist : Bewitched
Country : Sweden
Release : Pentagram Prayer
Year : 1997
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Bewitched here decide to make a go at forsaking the goodtime attitude and just blowing power metal of the '90s straight out of the water. There was some serious riffage on the first release, but there was a scattered atmosphere present which detracted from the album overall. Things are fixed here, and Pentagram Prayer just bulldozes through 12 tracks of some of the best stuff since the German attack 10 years ago. Taking solo guitar duties, Vargher displays his songwriting brilliance, creating riff after memorable riff. I totally just eat this stuff up. The rhythm section is there, but the focus here is guitars, which are supported well and never overpowered.

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