11 August 2014

Prong - Prove You Wrong (1991)


Artist : Prong
Country : USA
Release : Prove You Wrong
Year : 1991
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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On Prove You Wrong Prong began to allow a little more melody to trickle into their depressing urban noisescapes, but the album lacks some of the spark which made the band's breakthrough, Beg to Differ, so surprising. The trio gets right down to business with brutal opener "Irrelevant Thoughts," its tribal drumming and supersonic guitar effects literally stomping on the listener's brain. "Positively Blind," "Hell if I Could," and the title track are scathing attacks on the emerging Generation X complacency, and the latter's riff is a wonderfully perverted twist on Led Zeppelin's "Celebration Day."

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