10 August 2014

Destructor - Maximum Destruction (1985) [Reissue]/Sonic Bullet (2003)/Nunslaughter-Destructor (2007)/Storm Of Steel (2007)/Forever In Leather (2007)

Maximum Destruction [Reissue]


1. Prelude In Sledge - Minor Opus 7 1st Movement
2. Maximum Destruction
3. Destructor
4. Overdose
5. Instrumental
6. Pounding Evil
7. Take Command
8. Iron Curtain
9. Hot Wet Leather/Bondage
10. Bring Down The Hammer (Bonus Track)
11. Storm Of Steel (Bonus Track)
12. Power Aggression (Bonus Track)
13. Smash Your Skulls (Bonus Track)
14. Destructor (Live) (Bonus Track)
15. Maximum Destruction (Live) (Bonus Track)

Sonic Bullet


1. Sonic Bullet
2. Heavy Artillery
3. Silent Enemy
4. Blackest Night
5. Master Of The Universe
6. G-Force
7. The Triangle
8. Pounding Evil (Live)
9. Iron Curtain (Live)



1. Death In Hell (Massacre Cover) - Nunslaughter
2. Watcher Of The Night (Torch Cover) - Destructor

Storm Of Steel


1. Storm Of Steel (2007 Keep It True Version)
2. Tear Down The Heavens
3. World Of War
4. We Are Ready (Demo)
5. Sonic Bullet (Live)
6. Storm Of Steel (Live)
7. Storm Of Steel (1990 Original Heavy Artillery Version)

Forever In Leather


1. Tear Down The Heavens
2. Skull Splitter
3. World Of War
4. Damage Control
5. Unleashed
6. Precision Devastation
7. Unearth The Earth
8. Forever In Leather
9. Straight To Hell
10. Doomed To Centuries In Ice
11. Pounding Warriors

Artist : Destructor
Country : USA
Release : Maximum Destruction [Reissue]/Sonic Bullet/Nunslaughter-Destructor/Storm Of Steel/Forever In Leather
Year : 1985/2003/2007
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Cleveland, Ohio's Destructor was a secondary 1980s thrash metal band whose brief career was curtailed by tragedy. Formed in 1983 by spectacularly renamed members Dave Overkill (vocals/guitar), Pat Rabid (guitar), Paul Warhead (bass), and perhaps best of all, Matt Flammable (drums), Destructor jumped the thrash metal bandwagon hot on the heels of pioneers like Metallica and Slayer. They were handed a record contract by local independent Auburn Records after their very first show in 1984, and new bassist Dave Holocaust (nee Janieca) joined in time for their first studio sessions. These were initially slated to produce an EP, but it quickly expanded into a full-length album called Maximum Destruction, released in 1985. Although pretty rough around the edges, the album was big on promise and well received by the metal underground, eventually leading to a joint venture being struck between Auburn and major label Island for Destructor's next effort. Work on said album -- tentatively entitled Decibel Casualties -- began in late 1987, but, tragically, Dave Holocaust was stabbed to death on January 1, 1988; and when their Island deal fell through, Destructor decided to call it a day rather than carry on without their slain friend. No more was heard from the band until 1999, when, amazingly, the re-release of Maximum Destruction by Listenable Records (featuring portions of the aborted second LP sessions) sparked the surviving members back into action. 2002's Sonic Bullet album (rehashing plenty of unreleased- '80s material) was the result, and counted on the help of bassist Jamie Boulder (aka Jamie Walters) of the band Boulder.

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