16 August 2014

Ritual Steel - Blitz Invasion (2004)

Artist : Ritual Steel
Country : Germany
Release : Blitz Invasion
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Born out of the ashes of some local bands from the most northern part of Germany in Spring 2001, this band quickly found their own style, which was traditional 80s sounding, very powerful Metal without any compromises. Stylistic elements are ranging from 70s Heavy Rock to Doom to Heavy Metal to Speed and Thrash.
Since their beginning they were going through a couple of line-up changes but still released one regular 7", two split 7"s with other bands, one 7" as bonus for the vinyl issue of the first album and two long players, filled to the max with nothing but pure, hot and spicy Metal the way they think it should be played. Sometimes their mouth seems a bit too big for the current Metal scene but then on the other hand they are honest to the bone and just express their personal view as Metal fans.

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