19 October 2014

Baron Rojo - Larga Vida Al Rock And Roll (1981)

Artist :       Baron Rojo
Country :     Spain
Release :     Larga Vida Al Rock And Roll
Year :           1981
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 ''80's Baron Rojo albums are way better than the 90s, when Sherpa was bassist and singer in many songs. He composed Baron's best songs, and his wife wrote many lyrics. I specially recommend to listen the albums Larga vida al rock'n roll, Volumen brutal (this is the most known) and Tierra de nadie''. Previous info and review is from our Spanish metallian: XD

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Alejandrovski Cloroplasto MetalRock said...

The most important spanish band, at least regarding their success, is Baron Rojo. For me and for most spanish metal fans, its best period was clearly from 1981 to 1987. The line-up of that period, was the best in Baron's history. At the end of the 80's, Sherpa and Hermes, left the band (actually Sherpa wanted to leave before, because he and De Castro brothers, were like oil and water). In the mid-80's, Baron was maybe the first spanish metal band that got to play in London, in Reading Festival, and in the Marquee Club. It is said Bruce Dickinson collaborated with Baron when they were playing in London, and did friendship. Nowadays, Sherpa plays in his own band. He was THE REAL Baron Rojo; the main great songs were composed by him. He always says that rock music has to lay into the power elite. And is not only a musician, but also he does some artistic creations, like paintings, etc.