18 October 2014

Zoetrope - Mind Over Splatter (1993)

Artist : Zoetrope
Country : USA
Release : Mind Over Splatter
Year : 1993
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Mind Over Splatter is quite a nostalgic affair. At this point there was little left of Zoetrope's original line-up, but the album still carries unmistakable elements of the band's customary, slightly punkish "street thrash" style that their earlier works established. The sound quality could be better, though, as the production is sort of muffled and hollow, and the guitars in particular lack sharpness. On the other hand, some flaws only add to the general organic and non-artificial feel. Complete with powerful holler-like vocals, this music has some strangely attractive uplifting quality, not to forget that the snappiest tracks like Down And Out and Tomorrow It's You are simply quite fine thrashers. (The terrible rap song Splattered must be only a joke and fortunately very short as such.) If speed/thrash metal with a notable degree of feelgood value sounds interesting to you then Mind Over Splatter is not a bad choice at all.

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