14 October 2014

Ivanhoe - Symbols Of Time (1995)

Artist : Ivanhoe
Country : Germany
Release : Symbols Of Time
Year : 1995
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


1995's Symbols of Time was the second album from German progressive metal band Ivanhoe. You always hear about how Conception and Stratovarius were the frontrunners of the European prog metal scene, but Ivanhoe was another early band to pioneer this sound (their debut was in 1992). Ivanhoe was also notable for featuring a young Andy Franck on vocals. Franck of course went on to front Brainstorm and Symphorce.
Ivanhoe's sound was very similar to Conception's. They were obviously heavily influenced by Fates Warning and early Dream Theater, and played highly technical, largely emotion-free metal at a time and place where that was far from popular. This is pretty technical stuff, with lots of intricate guitar work and plenty if keyboards. It's not as melodic as I'd normally like (Vanden Plas is more my style), but you have to admire the musicianship on display. Franck's vocals are nowhere near as strong as his later work, but it's still cool to hear him in a more textbook progressive setting. The female vocals on "By a Feeling" are also a cool touch.

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