15 October 2014

Victory - You Bought It You Name It (1992)

Artist :       Victory
Country :     Germany
Release :     You Bought It You Name It
Year :           1992
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320


 When experts talk about important German cult bands, the name Victory always comes up. The band from Hannover belonged alongside Accept and the Scorpions to Germany's number 1 export article in the eighties and was one of the few acts that could establish itself in the USA. Their carrer began in the autumn of 1984, when guitarist Tommy Newton and bass player Peter were working on a new album for their band Fargo. Impressed with the exciting song material, the Scorpions drummer Herman Rarebell took the band under his wing and booked an American producer. Two days later, the band could reviel that the internationaly renominated Rock singer Charlie Huhn had joined the group. The result of the studio session was then sent on to the US manager David Krebs (Aerosmith, Scorpions, etc.), who then took the musicians to New York. Here the band name Fargo was changed to Victory and they were introduced to all the major record companies where they were finally taken on by /Epic` (Sony Music). With this Victory then travelled to Los Angeles, where they let the then, in his view, the most important sound engineer Michael Wagener mix the recording. In 1985 the debut album Victory was thren released into the record shops worldwide. In the same year the band went on their first US tour: Victory completed 60 shows in the United States including four of the largest festivals in the country where they let themselves be celebrated by 80.000 crazy fans at the /Texxas Jam` Festival in Dallas.  

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