22 February 2015

Domine - Champion Eternal (1997)

Band : Domine
Country : Italy
Release : Champion Eternal
Year : 1997
Genre : Epic, Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 320 Kbps, CD-Rip
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Riccardo Paoli - Bass
Enrico Paoli - Guitars
Morby - Vocals
Mimmio Palmiotta - Drums

Richard J. Burton - Narrator
Pif - Keyboards
Claudia Cantini - Keyboards
Luciano Zella - Keyboards
Steve Sylvester - Backing Vocals [Death SS (ITA)]

INFO : First chapter of the story of "Elric Of Melnibone".

1. Hymn (Intro)
2. The Mass Of Chaos
3. The Chronicles Of The Black Sword (In II Parts)
i) Doomed Lord Dreaming
ii) Stormbringer (The Black Sword)
4. The Freedom Flight
5. Army Of The Dead (In V Parts)
i) The Vision And The Promise
ii) Promise Denied
iii) Prophecy Fullfilled
iv) Army Of The Dead
v) Doomed City
6. The Proclamation
7. Dark Emperor
8. Rising From The Flames
9. The Midnight Meet Train
10. The Eternal Champion (In VII Parts)
i) Prologue
ii) Screaming The Battlecry
iii) Blow By Blow (Into The Fight)
iv) Death Of The Champion
v) Heroes In Tears
vi) Destiny Revealed
vii) Epilogue

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