03 August 2015

Accuser - Repent (1992) [Japan Edition]

Artist : Accuser
Country : Germany
Release : Repent [Japan Edition]
Year : 1922
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Founded in 1986, German Thrash-heads ACCUSSER became weighty players on the international scene with albums such as „Who Dominates Who“ (1989) or Repent (1992) and songs rife with both technical and compositional pyrotechnics.
Right from the beginning, the band established themselves as an original imprint amongs their American brethren from the San Francisco Bay Area as well as fellow countrymen Kreator and Destruction, a fact cemented not least because of collaborations with Testament-/Anthrax-producer Alex Perialis or Industrial-pioneers Die Krupps.
ACCUSSER became renowned for their highly energetic performances with capacities such as Motorhead, Paradise Lost and Overkill before it was time to spread out stylistically with Reflections“(1994) and „Taken by the Throat“(1995), both of which became more aggressive and groove-laden.

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