08 May 2014

Axenstar - The Final Requiem (2006)


Artist : Axenstar
Country : Sweden
Release : The Final Requiem
Year : 2006
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


After being exposed to The Inquisition, the third studio album by Swedish power metallers Axenstar, I was excited when I got the opportunity to review their latest effort, The Final Requiem. I took great pleasure in listening to my introduction to the band, which I found to be refreshingly well written in a drenched power metal scene, with neo-classical solos of guitars and keyboards making up the bulk of the melodies, along with a few aggressive moments thrown in as well. Between all the Rhapsody's and the Sonata Arctica's of the world, we are left with a few strays that make an impact on the metal music scene where listeners can truly differentiate between styles. Axenstar has been a solid example of a band that defies common stereotypes by delivering a fluid performance while sidestepping some of the sterotypes that bring so much chagrin to the genre (i.e. bombastic flair, and symphonic interludes).

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