28 May 2014

Heathen - Recovered (2004)


Artist : Heathen
Country : USA
Release : Recovered
Year : 2004
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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The track listing is roughly divided into 3 parts: There are four original tracks from the demo Opiate Of The Masses This is a very solid block of metal with multi-part harmonies, virtuoso solos and solid, imaginative rhythms. There's an excellent power ballad dedicated to the memory of a late band member and his wife. Some power ballads are rightfully criticized as being soppy and sentimental. There's no questioning the very real sentiments in this song, but it has balls, it is played with sincerity and may be one of the better ballads you've heard in years. Then – there are four covers of songs by Thin Lizzy, Queen, Sweet Savage and Tygers of Pan Tang. There are particularly well executed, but they're still covers.

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