04 May 2014

Griffin - Lifeforce (2005)


Artist :       Griffin
Country :     Norway
Release :     Lifeforce
Year :           2005
Genre :       Heavy Metal
File Type :   mp3 320
Download :   Get It Here


 These guys hail from Norway and wonder above wonder, they do not play Black Metal, but rather a great energetic form of Heavy/Power Metal. Quite a refreshing band in many ways, at least as far as the Norwegian scene is concerned.
GRIFFIN formed in 1998, with this being their fourth full length. I really enjoyed the more Thrashy style found on their debut ?Wasteland Serenades?, so I had high expectations for this release. Overall this is a slower album with melodies that don?t always revel themselves after one or two listens ? you have to graft a little before this stuff will grab you, but once it does there is now turning back!

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