04 May 2014

Threshold - Critical Mass (2002) [Limited Edition]


Artist : Threshold
Country : UK
Release : Critical Mass [Limited Edition]
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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This album is a masterpiece: it is surely one of the best prog metal works I've ever listened to. The whole sound is very clean, the accuracy of the production is unbelievable, the volume levels are homogeneous, compositions are top quality and well balanced, the lyrics deal with reincarnation and physics.
The album is a heavy progressive work, here you can find everything you are looking for: powerful riffs, innumerable time changes, cold space atmospheres, guitars-keyboards duets, catchy melodies, excellent drum fills, accurate vocal harmonies, expressive instrumental sections, headbangers? typical rhythmic parts [just look at the bass player!].
This cd is well structured: there is a punchy opener ['Phenomenon'], a memorable ballad ['Avalon'], an involving up-tempo piece ['Fragmentation'], an intricate cymbal work ['Falling Away'] and a splendid 13 minutes long title track, whose second part reminds me of Pink Floyd.

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