05 May 2014

Marshall Law - Razorhead (2008)


Artist : Marshall Law
Country : UK
Release : Razorhead
Year : 2008
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


On "Razorhead" you'll be able to find real big violent riffs with big rhythmic lines; this is not so fast actually and a bit mid tempo but this is really heavy and loud. I like the fact that this album is extremely dark you'll not find any happy choruses and in the end we're not so far away of Thrash Metal which is a good thing for me. Though, "Razorhead" is not so perfect, sure the style of the music is really cool and we have good songs like "Gods Of Deception" or "Blood And Pain" but the album is a bit linear and repetitive and this is not the average ballad "Nothing Lasts Forever" which will change my general feeling.

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