09 February 2014

Havoc Mass - Killing The Future (1993)


1 Intro
2 Scarred For Life
3 Burned
4 Prime Directive
5 All That Is Evil
6 Distant Sings
7 Pools Of Blood
8 Mark My Words
9 Intro Nothingness

Artist : Havoc Mass
Country : USA
Release : Killing The Future
Year : 1993
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


At the very end of the classic period of thrash metal, meet Havoc Mass. Almost surprisingly powerful for a late debut album, Killing The Future is about as good an example of the characteristic sound of the genre as any older release. Something particularly worth noting about the band's style is the focused and compact songwriting approach - even though this means that quite a few tracks sound somewhat samey, it doesn't matter too much when the original formula is good enough. As everything else including production, musicianship, and vocals appears to be quite fine, it's hard not to find this album likeable, even considering the obvious lack of truly new ideas. Although the entry Havoc Mass made in the scene is probably not too well known, the result is certainly worth another look.

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