11 February 2014

Wulfhook - Sacrifice (Demo 2012)

Band : Wulfhook
Country : USA
Release : Sacrifice (Demo)
Year : 2012
Genre : Heavy, Power Metal
File Info : MP3, 160 Kbps, Front-Disk Covers
Download : Mediafire
An Upload & Share by the band! Link and info has send to me via mail :

Band Notes :
Wulfhook is a 5 piece heavy metal band from Detroit, MI formed in 2009. Playing with such national act's as Warbringer, Lazarus A.D., Diamond Plate, and Accept! Self released 3 demo's and is currently working on material for a proper full length in 2013. For fans of Judas Priest, King Diamond,Mercyful Fate, Megadeth, Iron Maiden, Helloween, Pantera etc. We are a relatively new band trying to make some noise. We encourage you to review the demo, share links in blogs, or e-mail to friends you think will like it. This would help us a great deal and be really appreciated. Anything else you might need please don't hesitate to ask we'll do our best to accommodate. Look forward to hearing from you. Spread The Word! Thank You!!

\m/ Wulfhook \m/ 

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Barry Gomez - Bass
Jeff "Dit" Ditner - Drums
Jeff "Duke" Dudick - Guitar
Matt Martin - Guitar
Jeff "Sling" Schlinz - Vocals

1. Bridge Burner 05:05  
2. Eternal 03:23  
3. Sacrifice 06:08  
4. Tormentor 03:52

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