10 February 2014

Horus - Horus (EP 2005)

Band : Horus
Country : Spain
Release : Horus (EP)
Year : 2005
Genre : Epic, Heavy Metal
File Info : Various Formats
Listen & Download from : BandCamp Site

Ignacio Torrecillas (Tat Satie) - Vocals/Bass/Rhythm Guitar
Gabriel Torres - Drums
Hugo Sanchez - Lead Guitar

01. Babieca
02. Argenti Proelium
03. Dias De Furia
04. Circulo De Fuego

Band Info :
Back to ‘95, three old friends decided to start a heavy metal band. They wanted to show what they could do. With bands like Manowar, Iron Maiden, Dio as reference, they created a new band called Horus (an ancient Egyptian deity). Following those bands, the songs included epic and social criticism lyrics. Horus standed out in Gigs, doing many shows in Madrid. The gigs were loaded with full energy and passion. Years after, the band was dissolved. Many years after the dissolution, the band meets again to record an LP with some of the songs that marked the scene years ago. Then this album was born, recorded with passion and love to Horus.

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