26 February 2014

Zanister - Symphonica Millennia (1999)


Artist : Zanister
Country : USA
Release : Symphonica Millennia
Year : 1999
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


ZANISTER and their debut release "Symphonica Millennia" is the musical vision of 2 of the most celebrated heavy metal and hard rock guitarists in the last 10 years, Michael Harris and David T. Chastain. Both are noted for their band and solo works. However in ZANISTER the focus is on the group effort and not the flashy guitar playing that both of the guitarists have showcased in the past. Don't get us wrong, there is still plenty of spellbinding guitar playing but it is only part of the total picture. The other members of the band are equal partners and contributors to the devastating sounds of ZANISTER.

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