26 February 2014

Zanister - Fear No Man (2001)


Artist : Zanister
Country : USA
Release : Fear No Man
Year : 2001
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


ZANISTER's new release "FEAR NO MAN" should move the band to the top of the ever growing list of progressive power metal bands. Showcasing musicianship, compositional integrity and riffs from hell, this Cd seems a logical progression from the band's very well received 1999 release "Symphonica Millennia." That Cd was called by one reviewer as "Simply the best heavy metal album ever released."
Joining guitarists Michael Harris and David T. Chastain once again in the band is vocalist Brian Sarvela, formerly of The Reign of Terror. Brian's performance on this Cd totally outclasses all of his previous recorded works.

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