19 April 2014

Castrofate - Awakening Of The Beast (2007)


Artist : Castrofate
Country : USA
Release : Awakening Of The Beast
Year : 2007
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Wasting NO time with atmospheric intros, Castrofate BLAST into the title track ?Awakening Of The Beast? with a SHREDDING guitar riff. In case you haven?t heard, the former axe man of Twilight Odyssey / current bassist of Magus Beast and rhythm guitarist of Gothic Knights has unleashed a long overdue dose of Thrash Metal madness. Always a big fan of Thrash, main songwriter and composer Dan ?Kuzin Dan? Castro seems to have NO problem shining on each track presented here. Imagine if Death and Venom fused together?..the outcome is what we have presented here. Add in a little touch of Cowboys From Hell era Pantera and you?ve got all the ingredients of heavy, melodic, old school, and evil Thrash Metal!! Fast riffs, chugging guitar, and screaming solos are delivered on top of Dan?s raspy, angry vocals.

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