05 April 2014

Mortal Sin - Face Of Despair (1991) [Remastered]


Artist : Mortal Sin
Country : Australia
Release : Face Of Despair [Remastered]
Year : 1991
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Only a select few outside of Australia will remember Mortal Sin and their glory days brought about by their crunching debut 'Mayhemic Destruction' (1986) and their similarly heavy 'Face of Despair'. The Mortals succesfully toured Europe, then unfortunately folded, eventually reformed sans-all but one original member, recored the terrible 'Rebellious Youth' (1992), then folded again.
Those who do remember the Mortals in their prime will remember the sheer thrash intensity of 'Face of Despair' as these boys from the Sydney suburb of Parramatta unleashed such ball-tearing thrash anthems as 'Voyage of the Disturbed', 'I Am Immortal', 'The Infantry Corps' and 'Martyrs of Eternity'.

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Mario Rivera said...

AAARRRGGHH!!! lord Bones, eagerly awaiting this one too!!!!