08 April 2014

Shah - Terror Collection (1991)


Artist : Shah
Country : Russia
Release : Terror Collection
Year : 1991
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Shah was one of the better Russian bands of the 80's, a time where not a lot of Russian bands got much publicity. Unlike many of their compatriots, Shah opted to sing entirely in English, a clear move toward Western acceptance. They formed in 1985 and put out a rare debut in 1987, but the departure of Mikhail Zhemchuzhny for a career in the prestigious Gypsy Theatre put the band on hold. Eventually a new lineup stabilized and they signed to the Atom H label for 1989's Beware, arguably their best-known album. Zhemchuzhny's replacement, Anatoly Krupnov (leader of another Russian band, Black Obelisk), also departed, and again the band essentially folded. Leader Antonio Garcia resurrected their earlier recordings and, with some new songs added, got them released as Terror Collection in 1991.

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