27 April 2014

Warlord - Demo (2001)

Band : Warlord
Country : USA
Release : Demo
Year : 2001
Genre : Epic, Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : ][ Mega ][

Author Notes : This is the promo Demo CD for "Rising out Of The Ashes" album. Front post cover is a self-made one. Enjoy!

Joacim Cans - Vocals
William J Tsamis - Guitars/Bass          
Mark Zonder - Drums

01. Winds Of Thor (Demo 2001)
02. War In Heaven (Demo 2001)
03. Sons Of A Dream (Demo 2001)


Anonymous said...

Hey Achilles, do you know who this jerk is?
Not only this idiot is selling bootlegs & demos for 3€ each but also uses your selfmade artwork. Cool, isn´t it?

AchiLLeS Gr said...

And this is not the first time my friend! It was happened again in the old blog. Thanks for letting me know!