09 April 2014

Meliah Rage - Kill To Survive (1988)


Artist : Meliah Rage
Country : USA
Release : Kill To Survive
Year : 1988
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


"Kill to Survive" is heavy and aggressive heavy metal sounding a bit like a combination of early Metal Church and Testament. Unfortunately Meliah Rage never quite reaching the level of popularity of either band, despite being on a major label. Regardless of their popularity, this is a good debut and one that I do listen to quite a bit. By today's standards "Kill to Survive" would be considered an EP. Unfortunately the band was releasing this album in the midst of the whole PMRC controversy in the late 80'. Because of this songs that were originally intended for this album, including the title track were left off the record. The seven songs that remain, however, make for a solid listen. Every track on here walks a fine line between speed metal and old school power metal. Everything is in line, from the crunchy guitar work,to the excellent riffs, right down to the tight rhyhtm section.

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