27 May 2015

Scorpions - Taken By Force (1977) [Remastered]

Artist : Scorpions
Country : Germany
Release : Taken By Force [Remastered]
Year : 1977
Genre : Hard Rock
File Type : mp3 320


Ahh, i love this one! This classic Scorpions album has always been one of my absolute favorites!I feel that this masterpiece has to be one of the best hard rock albums that never got any credit and is extremely underrated.
The Scorpions fifth studio album is the darkhorse effort of their lofty back catalog of albums.Historically,this was the end of the first phase in the Scorps carrer in that it was their last outing with guitar wizard Ulrich Roth or better known as Uli Jon Roth.After this,Ulrich was gone for good and the band singed to Mercury records and started their string of commercial albums.This is the Scorpions at their artistic and experimental peak, never again would they delve into this kind of musical estacy displayed here.Uli Jon Roth must be heard to be belived,his guitar playing is absolute heavenly!I tell you, this guy could easily put Blackmore,Malmsteen,VanHalen or whoever to shame.The whole band on this album is exellent,Rudolf,Meine,Uli and Francis are firing on all cylinders.This is also the first album with Herman Rarebell on drums and he really adds that kick in the pant's to the rhythm section.The album is definatly one of the most dark,moody,experimental things this band has ever attempted.

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