01 May 2015

Valentin The Mad - Apocalyptic Visions (2015) [Streaming Audio]

Band : Valentin The Mad
Country : Israel
Release : Apocalyptic Visions (New Track)
Year : 2015
Genre : Shred, Heavy Metal
File Info : Streaming Audio
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Author Notes : Info is send to me via E-mail :

Hey Andrew,
Just released something new in my solo project - one of my tracks (Apocalyptic Visions) got professional sound production and was recently re-released. I'd be happy to have the music featured once again on Riddle of Steel. Below is the official release:
I`m Valentin (stage name Valentin The Mad) - a lead guitarist-solo artist and I recently re-released a track for my solo project called "Apocalyptic Visions". The track was first posted in demo quality in December of 2013, and is re-released now with the sound production aspect done by Matan Shitrit.
About my solo project:
I am currently working on completing my solo album that will be entitled "Deadly Obsession".
The music in the solo project is "Guitar Centered Music" - instrumentals that are centered around the guitar and the guitar solo, with the styles being rock-prog-metal with various other influences.

I started working full time on my solo project at December 2013 and it has 10 demos as of now.

In January of 2015, I started the collaboration with Matan Shitrit, the producer of the track, and Apocalyptic Visions is the first piece released from this collaboration.

As of now Apocalyptic Visions is the only track with professional sound production, the rest of the track are in self produced demo sound quality.

Listen "Apocalyptic Visions" :

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