16 May 2015

Uriah Heep - High And Mighty (1976) [Deluxe Edition]

Artist :       Uriah Heep
Country :     UK
Release :     High And Mighty [Deluxe Edition]
Year :           1976
Genre :       Hard Rock
File Type :   mp3 320


 This is the second heep album to feature john wetton. in fact, he takes the lead vocal on the first track 'one way or another.' this fast song is reminiscent of wetton-era king crimson. it's great and correctly placed because the music to follow is so unlike it. from the searing Box guitar on 'weep in silence' on through the hensley counterattack of 'can't keep a good band down,' this 1976 release is byron's last with the band. the production is crisp and clear, the arrangements, for the most part, are understated and the overall mood is one of reflection and world-weariness. byron is all over this record, yet his histrionics are nowhere evident.  

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