01 May 2015

The Last Alliance - The Dawn (Single 2013)

Band : The Last Alliance
Country : USA
Release : The Dawn (Single)
Year : 2013
Genre : Power Metal
File Info : Various Formats
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INFO by the band : The Dawn was originally released on 2011's "Out of The Ashes" It told the story of a person's last night on earth as they would be gone by dawn. John tried to put himself into the head space of a person who knows they will die. What sort of things do they think about, what sort of feelings, are there any regrets? What is worse, the fact that you are going to die? Or knowing when it will happen, realizing there is not much time left for anything? These are the questions pondered about when listening to "The Dawn".

In 2013, John Ryan was confronted with death on a very personal level. His mother, Cathleen Ryan, succumbed to Lung Cancer at age 62. This loss was felt through all members of The Last Alliance. She loved and supported this band 100%. So John decided to re-record this song as a tribute to her. It also served as an outlet for much sadness and a sort of therapy for John. Creating something to honor his mother's memory really helped him cope with his loss. So we, as a band are sharing this with all of you. Feel free to give it a listen and download it if you like!

In Memoriam
Cathleen Anne Ryan
03/22/1951 - 05/04/2013

01. In Memoriam
02. The Dawn

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