20 November 2014

Angra - Rebirth (2001)


Artist :           Angra
Artist Origin :     Brazil
Release Title :   Rebirth
Release Year :       2001
Artist Genre :     Heavy Metal
File Type :         mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


 With three new members in their line up, they seem more able than ever to imbue us with some melodic metal.
Rebirth it is then! Leaving intact the melodic songwriting, founding  guitar duo, comprising of Kiko Loureiro and Rafael Bittencourt, Angra have moved to a complete renewal of persons in the band. New (ex-Mitrium) vocalist, 28-year-old Edu Falaschi along with drummer Aquiles Priester and bassist Felipe Andreoli, are the renewed Angra.
Enough said though for the band itself.  Let's move to the juicy part. From the opening instrumental song called 'In Excelcis' their well known rhythm is apparent. The symphonic parts are more well balanced than ever before in this album and the guitars simply awesome, which manifests itself on 'Nova Era'.Edu Falaschi's capabilities seem to go beyond even those of Andre Matos. His voice has the maturity, hue and depth a band of Angra's caliber demand. He goes through the songs of the album with an ease and melody that is hard to find nowadays. This is evident particularly in 'Millenium Sun'. 

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