07 November 2014

Cloven Hoof - Throne Of Damnation (2010)

Artist : Cloven Hoof
Country : UK
Release : Throne Of Damnation
Year : 2010
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 VBR


NWOBHM stalwarts Cloven Hoof’s latest release ‘Throne Of Damnation’ has had a difficult birth. Replacing frontman Russ North with Matt Moreton (who, incidentally, sang on the 2006 album ‘Eye Of The Sun’ before North returned to the fold) midway though meant that the vocals had to be redone from scratch, and then a hiccup at the pressing plant led to an eleventh-hour switch to a different plant. The CD finally arrived about six months late, but the truth about the Hoof is that it’s a damn good release.

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