23 November 2014

Lordian Winds - My Name Is Man (Demos 1986)

1986 Cover
Reissue 2014 No Remorse Records

Band : Lordian Winds
Country : USA, Hellas
Release : My Name Is Man (Demos)
Year : 1986
Genre : Epic Hard Rock, Progressive Rock
File Info : MP3, 192 Kbps
Download : ][ Mega ][

William J. Tsamis (Destroyer) - Guitars [Warlord (US)]
Rick Anderson (Damien King III) - Vocals [Warlord (US)]
Vidonne Sayre-Riemenschneider - Vocals [Lordian Guard (US)]
Dave Watry - Bass
Drums ????

1.Lady Vidonne
2.In The Name Of God
3.My Name Is Man
4.Stygian Passage
5.Dark Civilization

Author Notes : After Warlord Bill Tsamis created a project with name Lordian Winds and recorded some demos for the My Name Is Man release.But never released.Some songs re-recorded and used on next band of Tsamis "Lordian Guard" .In some blogs these demos named as Warlord-1982 Lordian Winds demos,but i believe that are Lordian Winds-My Name Is Man.

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