21 November 2014

Elegy - Principles Of Pain (2002) [Remastered]

Artist : Elegy
Country : Netherlands
Release : Principles Of Pain [Remastered]
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


I rate Principles of Pain a 9/10. Elegy's previous release Forbidden Fruit is a 10 Plus, a truly amazing production, so that's maybe the reason why other fans may have felt this as a let down. This is an unfortunate thought because Principles has many incredible things to offer. Like most prog power-metal bands Elegy's musicianship is surreal, although in a league of their own and with a different brand. It shows they concentrate on quality and substance. But what makes Elegy so special is the way their message is conveyed. The lyrics are not that complicated, yet full of real life significance. The drum rhythmic patterns, creativity and overall structure is beyond belief. Guitarist Patrick Rondat does a very good job, although not quite up to par with original fretboard master Henk van der Laars. Ian Parry is in a class of his own, always able to sing over complex musical structures and still come out with strong and soulful vocals.

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