09 November 2014

Fortress - Magic Touch (1998)

Artist : Fortress
Country : Germany
Release : Magic Touch
Year : 1998
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


Great German Epic Heavy Metal, Hard Rock/Metal with English Lyrics. Half speedy and half melodic hard rock/metal band, released on the Ohrwaschl label originally. For fans of rough but melodic hard rock and metal. Definitely a rarity worth checking out.

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Anonymous said...

please reload on simple one click hoster (not 4shared, it needs registration)

AchiLLeS Gr said...

First of all you must hit "Get it here" link to go to Kammenos blog and ask the link via mail. If it is a 4Shared link you can follow the instructions i wrote here : http://riddleofsteel-metalblog.blogspot.gr/search/label/Fortress%20%28USA-KC%29

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload at MEGA?
Thank you!

esra said...

link please???