23 November 2014

Bewitched - Diabolical Desecration + Encyclopedia Of Evil (2002)

Artist : Bewitched
Country : Sweden
Release : Diabolical Desecration + Encyclopedia Of Evil
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320


BEWITCHED, comprising Vargher, handling vocals, guitar and bass, Blackheim on guitar and drummer Reaper, debuted with the 1995 'Hellspell' demo. French imprint Osmose Productions released 'Diabolical Desecration' in February 1996, this set, self-funded over a three day recording session at UMT Studios in Umeay, seeing both Vargher and Blackheim dividing lead vocal duties. That June the group promoted the record by traversing across Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Holland partnered with ANCIENT RITES, SACRAMENTUM and ENTHRONED. Their 1996 EP 'Encyclopedia Of Evil' is made up of covers of bands such as BLACK WIDOW's 'Sacrifice', MERCYFUL FATE's 'Come To The Sabbath', VENOM's 'Warhead', CELTIC FROST's 'Circle Of The Tyrants' and BATHORY's 'Hellcult'. The band was credited on these tracks as Blackheim "Howling Guitars & Diabolical Fire Burnin", Vargher "Infernal Distortion & Throat Molestin", Warthyr "Holocaust Bass" and Reaper "Drums Of Doom".

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