15 March 2014

Amorphis - Chapters (2003)


Artist : Amorphis
Country : Finland
Release : Chapters
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


To celebrate their ten-year anniversary Amorphis decided to release a compilation album containing only their classic hits. ?Chapters? contains 17 songs(!!!) with far over 70 minutes of typical melodic heavy metal from Finland. And this compilation gives a perfect account of the evolution of Amorphis. From ?Warrior`s Trail?, ?The Exile Of The Sons Of Uisliu? and ?The Lost Name Of God? from their debut ?The Karelian Isthmus? to ?Alone? and ?Drifting Memories? from their most current ?Am Umniversum?. Also classics like ?Black Winter Day? and ?The Castaway? from ?Tales Of The Thousand Lakes? are there.

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