08 March 2014

Chrome Shift - Ripples In Time (2003)


Artist : Chrome Shift
Country : Denmark
Release : Ripples In Time
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Ripples In Time is the first full-length debut album of Danish prog metal band, Chrome Shift. Since 90's, there have been many young talented and enthusiastic prog metal bands coming and going. In recent years, Netherland based DVS Records have been working really hard to release impressive new generation of prog rock/metal albums. Of course, Chrome Shift is one of best new acts from DVS Records. So far, melodic prog metal fans enjoy Chrome Shift's first offering quite a lot. Chrome Shift plays really punchy and immediate prog metal with nice hookliness and hardness. In the case of Chrome Shift, they manage to create memorable songs, solid and catchy melodies, as good as other quality prog metal acts.

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