18 March 2014

Invictus - Black Heart (2003)


Artist : Invictus
Country : France
Release : Black Heart
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Invictus is a new French metal band who joined Limb Records ... and I think that Limb made the right "transfer".
Ok, your gonna tell me that Invictus sounds very much like Nightwish/Stratovarius/Heavenly, but honestly their songs are really good. Always melodic, speedy, emotional and catchy, this Black Heart is also well produced. After the first spin, I have pushed the play button again as some songs were already "twisting" in my head.
The vocalist might hurt some of you. He doesn't sing out of tune ... he simply sings with a French accent. In other words, you immediately spot him as French. On the other hand, the more I focus my attention on the singer, the more I accepted him. The guy is good ... and at least he will not remind you someone else. Finally a vocalist who doesn't sing like Bruce, Halford or Michael Kiske
Overall, Black Heart reminds me of Nightwish. That's obvious for the symphonic parts. When the tempo gets faster, Heavenly - or should I say Helloween  - comes to my mind. We are not talking of another speed metal copycat band as Invictus has written inspired songs. When the tempo gets "heavier" - Miracle - Invictus even emerge with its own shape. The band should explore this direction again in the future.

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