19 March 2014

Holy Martyr - Hail To Hellas (EP 2003)

Band : Holy Martyr
Country : Italy
Release : Hail To Hellas (EP)
Year : 2003
Genre : Epic, Heavy Metal
File Info : MP3, 256 Kbps
Download : ][ Mega ][

NOTES : This is a concept album about the battle of Thermopiles. The recording of the EP was paid for by fundraising campaign by fans of the band. The copies with the bonus track were mostly distributed to the fans who had raised money for the recording. The bonus track is an old song from Hell Forge/Holy Martyr composed in 1994 and recorded in November 2003 with the former line up, including drummer Daniele Ferru and with Ivano Spiga on vocals.

Alessandro Mereu - Vocals
Ivano Spiga - Guitar/Backing Vocals/Lead Vocals (Track 6)
Carlo Olla - Guitar
Roberto Frau - Bass
Giacomo Macis - Drums

Guests :
Marco Angioni - Guitar
Daniele "Tunno" Ferru - Drums (Track 6)

1. The Call to Arms 05:05
2. Molon Labe (Into Glory They Shall Ride) 02:33  
3. Defenders in the Name of Hellas (Leading Three Hundred Heroes Through the Pass of Thermopiles) 07:20
4. The Lion of Sparta 08:19
5. Ta Deilina (Traditional Hellas)

Bonus Track (200 Copies) :
6. From the North Comes the War 05:00

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