08 March 2014

F.N. Guns - Good Shot (1990)


Artist : F.N. Guns
Country : Belgium
Release : Good Shot
Year : 1990
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


The band, based in Liege/Belgium, started in 1982 with former bass player Chris Forthomme and drummer Marc Van Neyghem (aka "VANEG"). They're both in the band nowadays ! The first album "Wild child" was released with vocalist Steve Shorter and Dan Dubois at the guitars. "Wild Child"was a self produced album sold only in Belgium and United Kingdom and as the band quickly gained a lot of popularity especially with their live performances they signed with the belgian label "Mausoleum". The first release on Mausoleum was the album FN Guns, a remix of a few Wild Child songs sold in Europe. The second album for Mausoleum was Nightmare, sold in Europe and the United States, the band toured a lot in Belgium and Nightmare took good place in the belgian charts and in a lot of european rock magazines.

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