11 March 2014

Raging Storm - Raging Storm (2002)


Artist :           Raging Storm
Artist Origin :     Greece
Release Title :   Raging Storm
Release Year :       2002
Artist Genre :     Heavy Metal
File Type :         mp3 320
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 This is about the first release of the Greek epic metallers Raging Storm. After bring a band for around five years of existence they managed to release their debut album through Metalfighters, a Greek label. Despite the fact that the production could be a little better, this album really kicks some ass!
There are nine tracks + an intro track. The first three tracks: "Intro", "Raging Storm" and "Sons Of Valhalla", are a trilogy based on the legends of The Vikings. Vicious riffs, screaming vocals and the feeling of the battlefield are some of the elements that constitute Raging Storm's music. The fourth track, entitled "The Warrior", is a very good link for the fifth track, "Holy War". This one is definitely one of the highlights of this album with Raging Storm giving their best self. "The Devil Speaks" follows. A song that you could describe as: the Devil's monolog. A timelessly fight between heaven and hell. The next one is for the Brochas Helm maniacs! "Heavy Metal Faith" is a song that is written for one and only reason: Headbanging! "Kingdom Of Hades" is another song that you'll distinguish from the entire album. The next one is written for the legend of Minotaur, a beast, half bull half human that lived in the maze of king's Minoa, at Crete. The closing track is called "The Final Stand", an eight-minute opus. Acoustic guitar parts, killer riffs, pounding drums, great lyrics and the battle screams rule in this song! All those you really love bands like Brochas Helm, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Iron Maiden, Running Wild etc, should check these guys out! 

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