10 March 2014

Zandelle - Flames Of Rage (2009)


Artist : Zandelle
Country : USA
Release : Flames Of Rage
Year : 2009
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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With the shortest song counting five minutes, you'll be trapped in a typhoon of blistering guitar riffs, sharp metallic leads and energetic rhythm section while listening to Flames Of Rage. Be it the reborn lineup or Tsalikis' creativity, the whole songlist - omit the last one - breathes fire and outburst. With some really rich/complex themes, still far away from being called as progressive (or maybe that's what progression means in Metal music?), ZANDELLE succeeds in creating a 'steel meets steel' atmosphere that surely draws influence from the American Metal standards (JAG PANZER, MANOWAR, HELSTAR, ICED EARTH etc) but also flirts a lot with the European side of metallum (JUDAS PRIEST, GAMMA RAY, early HELLOWEEN).
The result is rather furious, to cut a long story short. Still, the album is not as in-your-face as you may imagine. Depending on Tsalikis' singing or the leads themes, Flames Of Rage can also act as a sample of the theatric or epic side of solid Metal music.

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