14 March 2014

Shatter Messiah - Never To Play The Servant (2006)


Artist : Shatter Messiah
Country : USA
Release : Never To Play The Servant
Year : 2006
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


If you like progressive "US" Power/Thrash, you'll like the first album of Shatter Messiah. Composed of two unreleased EP, "Never To Play The Servant" is for me one of the good surprises of the year 2006. Like with Nevermore, the music of Shatter Messiah is composed of Heavy Technical complex riffs with in addition amazing guitars soli. Also, if it's always really complex, it's also really catchy with these kind of great Thrash riffs that will stay in your head. You'll be able to find also a weird dark and tortured atmosphere on the majority of the songs and that's really cool. A bit like Warrel Dane, Greg Wagner, the singer, is able to sing with a clean beautiful voice but also with a thrashy and a Death Metal one.

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