16 March 2014

Paradise Lost - Seals The Sense (1994)


Artist : Paradise Lost
Country : UK
Release : Seals The Sense
Year : 1994
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


After the release of "Icon", Music For Nations also threw out a 4-tracker titled "Seals The Sense". Next to the two all-time-classics "Embers Fire" and "True Belief" you'll also find two previously unreleased tracks.
"Sweetness" apparently is a leftover of the "Icon"-sessions and offers us the same brand of Gothic Metal that the album already had offered us, with a Mackintosh/Aedy-typical guitar-line, which should bring a sad smile to each PL-fan. And we have a live-version of "Your Hand In Mine" off the "Shades Of God"-album, which also has turned out really fine, good sound, excellent execution.

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