02 March 2014

Phantom Lord - Evil's Domain (2000)


Artist : Phantom Lord
Country : Greece
Release : Evil's Domain
Year : 2000
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Phantom Lord belongs to the Greek scene and after the very promising In Twilight World, they are back with a brand new heavy/speed metal chapter, Evil's Domain.
Reminding me Liege Lord, Phantom Lord's music comes straight from the 80's. The production is honest, but I have to point out that we are far from the excellent German or Swedish typical production. The sound is a bit trapped and Phantom Lord should invest more money on the production, because their songs are really great and deserve a much better sound. Don't missunderstand me, the prod' is good, but what would have become this Evil's Domain in the Abyss Studio ???
Solos here and there, pitched vocals "a la" Joe Comeau (Liege Lord & actual singer of Annihilator), fast rhythm, heavy metal riffs, this is how I described this excellent Greek band. In a country where death / black / dark metal bands usually see the light (Nightfall, Septic Flesh, On Thorn I Lay) and having myself the same origin, I am very happy to see a new heavy metal band ... out of Greece.

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