02 March 2014

Phantom Lord - Circle Of The Wasted (2002)


Artist : Phantom Lord
Country : Greece
Release : Circle Of The Wasted
Year : 2002
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
Download :  Get It Here


Along with speedy Power Metal, the band mixes in lots of keyboard orchestrations and many of the vocal melodies, especially the choruses, bear the instantly recognizable Michael Kiske style. Other Helloween influences are found throughout as well, although not as obvious, especially with some of the guitar playing. Some of the more slower pounding heavy songs namely, the title track, Circle Of The Wasted even have a Uriah Heep feel with the keyboards and heavy guitar riffs and especially the multi-layered vocal harmonies. The Heep influence almost brought chills down my spine when I heard the intro to Lust For Your Touch. A nice piano is accompanied by vocals that I though for sure were done by a resurrected David Byron!! (R.I.P.). Some of the riffing really reminds me of older classic Mercyful Fate and the overall sound, atmosphere and some Geoff Tate style vocals really reminds one of the early days of Queensryche (Queensryche E.P. and The Warning). The first listen to this band also brought back memories of the first time I heard Angel Dust's Enlighten The Darkness album. The heavy riffing and atmospheric keyboards used by Phantom Lord have a similar style to that particular album.

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