02 March 2014

Nitro - Uranium (Single 2013) [Streaming Audio]

Band : Nitro
Country : USA
Release : Uranium (Single) [Streaming Audio]
Year : 2013
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Info : Streaming Audio
Listen Here : SoundCloud
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Nitro Info send it to me via Mail by the band :

" NITRO wants to applaud you for the good work you are doing at Blood and Honor.  Amazing stuff! We wanted to contact you in hopes of obtaining some recommendations and your rare expertise. We have recently discovered a few dozen sealed, pristine copies of NITRO's 1982 independent 10" vinyl EP, LEHAL. We are contacting a few select vinyl distributors and retailers worldwide to offer these initial pressings to their customers. These copies of LETHAL are extremely limited, so any recommendation of promising distributors or retailer would be greatly appreciated. As you may know, in celebration of the 30th anniversary of their first LP, "LETHAL + II" on legendary Mausoleum Records, NITRO returns with "URANIUM", the first single from their upcoming album, "FLECHETTE". Cheers, Tim Wilson "

Brad Gensimore - Bass
Tim Wilson - Drums
John Hazel - Guitars
Dana Confer - Vocals


volgin said...

Please tell how to download it?

AchiLLeS Gr said...

Sorry it is only a streaming audio. Band has contact me.