04 March 2014

Sabbtail - Night Church (2003)


Artist : Sabbtail
Country : Sweden
Release : Nightchurch
Year : 2003
Genre : Heavy Metal
File Type : mp3 320
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A band, which should appeal to fans of BEYOND TWILIGHT as well as MASTERPLAN as well as RAINBOW, is SABBTAIL from Sweden. The band consists of well-known musicians. Namely it?s guitar player Fredrik Akesson (TALISMAN), singer Mats Leven (MALMSTEEN, KRUX) as well as the former NECRONOMICON guys Hakan Rangemo (drums), Jan Lund (bass) and Jan Bingegard (organ).
The epic material is based on some horror novels by Jan Bingegard, where SABBTAIL is the name of the main character. The 9 songs are musical short stories, too. They sound pretty gloomy and doomy, embraced by subtlest hammond sounds and the conjuring voice of Mats Leven. The result are outstanding compositions like the opener ?Nightchurch? or Contemplation.


Boring Oldfart said...

Brilliant album, dark and moody like a gush of heavy weather. Heavily used hammond organ create a gloomy and forbiding mood. Something out of the normal!

bonesofmud said...


Kammenos said...

Yes..BO....EXACTLY WHAT YOU WRITE...cheers \m/

and mail sent.